inspirational fall

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This outfit is so beyond amazing especially for fall. I love it! Im wearing a cream and black poncho, which i adore. Surprisingly I have never owned a poncho, so this is a first. You could wear this outfit out to town to walk around and run errands or to go out with some friends. The top is a short sleeve black sweater. Followed with a long black skirt. I’m wearing this three chain dangly necklace that is to die for and can go with so many outfits to spice them up and give them that extra flare.

Shirt: Pacsun

Skirt: Pacsun

Poncho: Pacsun

Necklace: Free People

Soultry Saturdays

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On this saturday morning I was feeling inspired to post my outfit I wore yesterday, because it was so flipping cute. I wore a long sleeve navy green shirt with fringe on the bottom. Along with that I had some navy green leggings on. I wore this accessory belt that has a clamp on the back like you would close a necklace. It is so simply chic and can go with anything and make any outfit look better and give it that extra pizzaz. I wore a necklace that looks like it could be 4 individual necklaces but its all connected as one dangling in length from shortest to longest. I received so many complements on this outfit. I absolutely love the outfit. It was extremely comfy, if your interested in feeling comfortable this is the outfit for you.I hope you like this outfit and this post to see more of my post please follow me and like this post.

Shirt: Nordsrtom

leggings: Nordstrom

Necklace: Free People

Accessory belt: Free People

Tips to your most gorgeous skin

  1. Wash your face twice a day, but only twice.
  2. Sweat of course:

If your reading this, you know the importance of exercise for your health and well-being. “Getting your heart pumping increases the delivery of oxygen and other crucial nutrients to the skin cells, helping them function at peak efficiency,” says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York, and a Shape advisory board member.

3. Shield your shoulders :

Shoulders get direct sun exposure when you go out for a run or walk. That little extra material will go a long way toward protecting your shoulders and skin. Look for techie, polyester fabrics and workout tees labeled “UPF 50+”(UPF is like the SPF rating, but for clothing).

Some of these tips can be found in shape magazine October 2015 edition

4. Drink even more water:

Almost half of Americans aren’t drinking even four 8- ounce glasses of water a day, according to a study by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Double your water intake and in about two months you’ll see it reflected in your skin.


Sunscreen is the number one way to prevent wrinkles, brown spots, broken capillaries, sagging, and skin cancer. Choose a sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher that feels great on your skin so you’ll enjoy wearing it.

6. Get your beauty sleep:

Stop bingeing on Netflix, put your phone away, and just go to bed. The more you sleep, the more time your skin has to repair. Make eight hours a goal but settle for no fewer than six.

7. Sleep in a mask:

I don’t mean the silky kind that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; these are hydrating masks that you apply over your night cream to seal in all of your treatment products and take your results to the next level. I love Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, which has an orange-flower, rose, and sandalwood sleep inducing scent.

Cute clothes from

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These wonderful clothes all came from a website called: .

These clothes are of top quality and I just order a couple of things from there. Im 100% sure i’ll love them and I can’t wait to share them all with you, when they arrive in the mail! This is my wish list of clothes listed above. I can see you wearing the first outfit with some standard black leggings and cream flats or brown  mid-rise or high-rise boots.I can see you wearing the striped shirt with some destroyed  boyfriend jeans with a cute necklace and earrings. Now I can see everyone wearing the third shirt because its just freaking adorable and the one shoulder really makes it better. I can see you wearing the light blue shirt with the open back in the next picture for going out and wearing it with some dark wash leggings or jeans.The black crop top anyone could pull off with some cute shorts.The tee with all the openings i could be seen wearing with some destroyed jeans or regular jeans and some fun earings.The long sweater type outfit can be worn with shorts or skinny jeans and a simple shirt.The tee with the fringe on the sleeves is a must have fringe is totally in right now. and the lavender ripped up log sleeve can be worn with jeans and some cute accessories, giving it a little edgy look. This is why i love but please use the link:

If you want to look on there and possibly but some things, the prices are extremely cheap everything on my wishlist above is under $9.00 so go check it out and tell me what you think.

Xo, G

Tuesday’s stylish wardrobe :)

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This outfit is beyond cute. I absolutely love it! The shorts are from Pacsun and they fit so well, closing with a zipper on the side. The bodysuit tank is so useful, you can put it with any outfit. Its great that it tucks into your clothes. You could wear it with hightop shorts or destroyed jeans and a cute sweater. The sweater is from Free People and I use it all the time. People probably get sick of seeing me in it haha 😉 but i don’t care only because it is so comfy and it goes with almost very outfit. Sorry for not having shoes in the pictures, I just now literally realized it. I promise you I will wear shoes in the rest of my following post! The necklace I am wearing is from a website called which is great for all your accessory needs. They mail you 3 items at a time and then you mail them back or decide to purchase them. Next once you send them back you will receive 3 more items from your wish list selected by your own personal stylist. I highly recommend so you should go check it out. I fall in one with every piece I get. I hope you lovely’s enjoyed this post and comment if their is something you would like me to cover a post on. All feedback is greatly appreciated. If you comment on any of my previous post throughout my blog or this post and follow my blog I will send you a personalized pen with my URL, email, and my phone number so you can contact me with more blog post ideas you think I should do any advice is accepted. I also reply to text and phone calls. Lastly if you would like to do business with me in this blog and sell your product on my blog or you want to send me your product so I can write a review on it call or text me at 571-232-6478 or email me at Calling and texting will get a faster response but I can guarantee If you send me an email I will get back to you in 1-2 days.

Xo, G

The one and only… Gigi Hadid

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I wanna share one of my favorite models with you. Her name is Gigi Hadid, she is beyond gorgeous and very talented. I am always feeling very inspired when I look at her pictures. So heres some of her inspiring pictures I can share with you.

Xo, G

Eye Inspirations

makeup collage 1 makeup collage 2

I only wish I could do my eyes as great as these girls but, I can’t :/ I plan on learning to try through watching youtube videos. I was just feeling really inspired when I saw these pictures and had to share them with you. Hope you enjoyed!

Xo, G