Creative Writing

I hope you guys like my poem. I wrote it in my journal a little while ago, and I’m kind of scared to post this and many of my other poems, but I hope you won’t judge me. I know you won’t. I just really hope you enjoy it. I’d love for you to comment and leave feedback on your thoughts about the poem. All my love.

Am I that girl you dream of

Dressing up day after day

Makeup all over

I want you,

Do you want me

Scrambling for clues an answers

Tease after tease

The intensity in your eyes

Draw me in,

Your heart shines so bright,

But is it bright for me

I’ll never know

Constantly drifting into space with you

Regrets, nerves, and scared

Why can’t I do it

Rejection is my fear

Im weak but strong at heart

I want you and thats what I’m sure of

Shoulder high, head high

Hear I go

Im ready to conquer my fears and get what I want.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. All my love.